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Alternative Equipment Maintenance


This Is My Confession

Massachusetts General Hospital Systems Engineering Manager Rick Schrenker has a confession to make: He had a hidden agenda in an article he wrote for 24x7 Magazine over 10 years ago. And he hasn’t written about it until now.

Prevailing Attitudes Maintenance


Dare to Be Different—Not Just ‘Mighty Mouse’

In this Soapbox article, Rick Schrenker, a systems engineering manager at Massachusetts General Hospital, looks at what he calls “The Rodney Dangerfield Syndrome” affecting HTM—and cites another well-known figure, this time the fictional Mighty Mouse, as negatively impacting the perception of the field.

Joint Commission Compliance


The Joint Commission, NQF Name Patient Safety and Quality Award Recipients

The Joint Commission and the National Quality Forum have named the recipients of the 2018 John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety and Quality Awards. The Eisenberg Awards recognize initiatives that are consistent with the aims of the National Quality Strategy: better care, healthy people and communities, and smarter spending.

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